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2460 S. Fraser Rd.
Kawkawlin, Michigan  48631
Bible Soccer Camp

Bible Soccer Camp 2019
Tues-Wed-Thurs - June 25, 26, 27
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


What is St. Bartholomew’s Soccer Camp?
This summer, St. Bartholomew will host this free event that’s offered to the community on a first-come, first served basis.  All participants must be pre-registered through our online registration process (or by pre-registering in person at the school office).  REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR THE 2019 CAMP.
There’s no cost to attend. We do this, in order to illustrate Christ’s unearned love. (Instead of paying us a fee, please spend time reinforcing the daily Bible lessons that highlight how Jesus paid the price to freely forgive our sins.  Ephesians 2:8-10)
About Our Camp
Main Camp (ages 5-12)—The Main Camp not only offers an age-appropriate group setting for youth to learn and practice athletic skills specific to the sport of soccer, but it also provides a time for youth to socialize and learn about teamwork.  Every few minutes the athletes rotate to a different station to learn and practice different skill sets.  One of these six stations provides a Bible lesson.  The camp aims to help each participant by strengthening body, mind, heart and soul.
Who’s Leading this Main Camp?—A variety of current and former players on both collegiate and high school levels who will share their skills, enthusiasm, and Christian character with the youth.  Our support staff includes pastors, professors, teachers, and various professionals from the business world.  All this talent and character is brought together for the benefit of your young athletes, because of the forgiving love and powerful peace of the crucified and risen Savior Jesus.
How is the Preschool Camp different?—The Preschool Camp is a beginner’s camp.  The 4 year old participants in this camp have their own separate recreation area (they do not participate on the same field with the older children, and the camp will run from
6:00 – 7:30 pm) Preschool Camp can be described as an activity-oriented “Vacation Bible School” that combines soccer skills, social games, singing, exercise and Bible lessons.  We ask that the children wear tennis shoes (no sandals or cleats, please)… and they are
not required to have shin guards.  We will happily teach your child soccer skills and Bible truths in an atmosphere especially adapted to this age group.  Note: parents frequently use this program to prepare their child for entering the preschool environment.
Limited Capacity—Class sizes are limited to assure a wonderful experience for each athlete, so please help us to help you and other families by registering beforehand.
 Vital Information
First Day of Camp begins at 5:30 pm for Check-In—When a child is brought to his/her first day of camp, a responsible adult will need to sign in each pre-registered child.  Do this at the check-in tables at our Welcome Center.  (positioned at the entrance to our athletic fields).  At this time, we also need to receive for each child a signed Sports Concussion Information Sheet
(explained in the following paragraph).
  • Please help us speed up the check-in process by printing off this form and completing it at home, and bringing it with you to the check-in tables. However, we will have forms available for parents to fill out at the check-in tables if necessary. ?Check-in begins at 5:30 pm on the opening day.
Completing and Submitting the “Michigan Sports Concussion Information Sheet”—Per state law, parents need to read and sign the Sports Concussion Information Sheet in order to participate in our Bible Soccer Camp.  Presenting us with a signed sheet for each child will be part of the check-in process on opening night.  As part of the registration process located at the bottom of this page, we provide you with a link for downloading a copy of this document.  If you would like to visit the state’s website about this law, you may access it here: Michigan Sports Concussion Law website
Drop-off and Pick-up—for the welfare of our children, we require that a responsible adult personally accompanies the child(ren) from the vehicle to the Welcome Tables / Entrance.  Likewise, at the end of each day’s camp, a responsible adult needs to come to the Welcome Tables / Entrance to reclaim and to accompany the child(ren) back to the vehicle.  Thank you for sharing our love for keeping a fun time fun!
Shin Guards—Camp participants in the 5-12 age group will need to have their own shin guards to participate; cleats or tennis shoes appropriate for running on a grass field are also required.  (Those participating in the 4 year old “Beginners Camp” do not need to have shin guards, but they do need to wear tennis shoes)
Watching from the Sidelines—Parents and family members are invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets for sitting along the sidelines while watching the camp in progress.  We’ll have complimentary bottles of water in ice chests.
Gifts (free stuff!)—Soccer camp T-shirts will be provided at no cost for each participant.  Likewise, the soccer ball each participant will individually use throughout the camp will be provided at no cost.  The T-shirt needs to be worn daily while participating in the camp.  As mentioned earlier, this soccer camp is free of charge—we simply ask that you spend some quality time with your child(ren) discussing the night’s Bible lesson
Photography Permission—During our Soccer Camp, random photographs and video will be taken, some of which may be used in our church publications and on our website.
Note:  A participant’s registration acknowledges acceptance of this practice.