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Mrs. Karen Seafert
5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Welcome to Grades 5 & 6 Home Page. 

Having fun with robotics in the 5-6 grade room! (April 26, 2017)

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December 6, 2018  I can’t believe this is true but next week is midterm already! We will be having a Social Studies test next week Wed so you can be reviewing already to help your student prepare. We have an English quiz on Friday as well as a Spelling test. The boys will be reading solo narrations for the Christmas program so don’t worry if you aren’t seeing the usual memory work for the program coming home. We have some hymns to learn but there are not recitations for our group this year.

November 29, 2018:- We finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and have started reading Farmer Boy to compare how Laura and Almanzo grew up. In Science we have started studying Fossils and in Social Studies we are learning about the Middle Ages in Europe. We are just beginning to work on the Christmas service. Our class will be helping with individual narrations instead of group recitations.

November 15 2018- We had a great time making our pillowcases! Thank you for providing the funds to allow us to do it. The boys took their Chap. 13 Social Studies test on Wednesday. We are looking forward to the play on Friday and to our short week before Thanksgiving next week. Good luck to the deer hunters out there!!

November 8, 2018- Please don’t forget to send in the $10 for our pillowcase sewing project. Our next Social Studies test will be next week so please start reviewing the chapter now so it isn't such a big job the night before the test. We have noticed this week that due to the time change everyone is especially hungry for your child because the kids bodies think its lunchtime when it’s only 11:00 am. Please send some snacks for recess to help them make the transition to the new time. Thank you!

November 1, 2018: We had our first visit from the Delta College STEM bus. They showed us how to design a fidget spinner and then they used their 3-D printer to print one for the kids. This week we made butter in class as part of our Little House in the Big Woods literature unit. Tues Nov 13 we will be sewing pillowcases as part of our Literature unit. I will shop for the fabric if you could please send in $10 to cover the cost. Thank you!

October 25, 2018  had a great time at Camp Timbers! Thank you PTO for helping to share the cost so they could have this experience. Now that we are back after two weeks of two days of school, we are digging back in and getting some work done. I noticed quite a lot of corrected work is here at school so we are making sure all of it comes home today. Also today was our second Social Studies test. The boys are learning how to prepare for bigger tests and are doing a great job. There was a huge improvement from last test to this test! We also started a Literature Unit on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book Little House in the Big Woods. We are creating a lapbook as our summary of the book for you to enjoy once we finish.

October 18, 2018: It the week my classroom has been waiting for all school year. Camp Timbers! The boys are stomping around the woods learning outdoor skills, archery, teamwork and many other fun activities. They return home at 1:30 and can and should go home at that time. They will be exhausted after having so much fun. Speaking of having fun, Teachers Conference last week was really a great experience for the teachers. I learned so many new things! I have already started using some of the new resources in the classroom and have plans to add more as the year goes on.

October 4, 2018:On Mon and Tues of this week we were blessed with the opportunity to host an MLS student in our class, Olivia Krueger, as she participated in the Taste of MInistry program offered by MLS. Olivia wants to be a teacher and she had the chance to teach some classes and work with the students. We had a great time and are glad for the chance to have met her! Can you believe we are halfway through the first quarter already! Don’t forget to check your student’s grades on to see a midterm snapshot of how the year is going. (info on how to log in is in the kids planners) We are taking our Spelling and Reading tests on Thursday this week because we will be at Cardinal for a Day at MLS on Friday.

Sept 27, 2018: We had our first Social Studies test on Wed and worked hard at learning how to prepare for tests. Friday is a Spelling test and our first English quiz. Be sure to review the 24 helping verbs - they will be on the quiz!

Sept 20, 2018: Sorry I missed the deadline for getting a paragraph in last week’s newsletter! Turns out no news was good news. We have had a good start to the year. Our regular routine is to have spelling tests on Fridays so please review spelling words with your child during the week so Friday is a stress free test. Next week Wed we will have our first Social Studies test on Chap. 11. A study guide will be coming home if it hasn’t already so you can help them prepare.

Sept 6, 2018: We have had a strong start to our school year! Thanks for letting us teach your children. We have a few housekeeping items to deal with. Please be sure your child has outside shoes to wear at recess. When the weather is wet, they will need boots but even in nice weather we want the kids to have dedicated shoes for recess so mud doesn’t get tracked into school. Also, please be sure your child has a paint shirt (button up, not pull over the head) for Friday’s art class. Please help your student fill out the back page of their planner. Thanks!