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Mrs. Shelly Cole
3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Welcome to Grades 3 & 4 Home Page. 

Last day of French!  Much thanks to Madame Mantei for all of her hard work. (May 10, 2017)

Parents, please click on the image above to be taken to TeacherEase.  You may then enter your email address as the username and then your password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "forgot your password" link.  
Grades 1-4 Field trip to Dow Gardens (May 12, 2017)

April 11, 2019: We will be finishing our last day of testing tomorrow! I am proud of the kids for pushing through as the tests are at least an hour long. The third graders having been working on their x4 multiplication facts this week and will be doing x5 next week. I gave them all their own index cards to make their own multiplication facts each week. Work on them at home as well. The better they know their math facts, the easier their life will be in Math!

April 4, 2019:Please have your child bring their report card envelope back by tomorrow, April 5th. April is National Letter month so we will practice writing letters to a friend or family member. Would you please send in a stamp to school with your child by next Monday, April 8th? We will be having physical education outside this Friday so please make sure your child has outdoor tennis shoes. NEXT WEEK IS TESTINGplease have your child to school by 8:10am, they eat a good breakfast, and go to bed at a decent time. We will start testing promptly at 8:30 am as we use Mr. Boileau’s computers and need to be done close to 9:30am. Thanks!

March 28, 2019: The last Book It Form is due next Friday, April 5th. We will be doing our final testing the week of April 8th-12th. We usually test in the morning so please try to avoid making morning appointments for that week. It is also important they go to bed on time, eat a good breakfast, and get to school between 8:00-8:10! Thanks so much!

March 21, 2019: It’s hard to believe the 3rd quarter ends this Friday! Please encourage your child to work hard and finish the last quarter strong!

March 14, 2019:Thank you for having your kids here last Sunday to sing and for the Open House. We had a lot of fun performing, Miss Nelson is Missing for you. We hope you enjoyed it! This past Monday we had a bird presentation form the Rotary describing all the Raptor birds in our area. They are to be on the lookout for all these types of birds! Have a wonderful Winter Break! It would be great if they could do some IXL during break and practice their math facts

March 7, 2019: We are looking forward to performing our skit, Miss Nelson is Missing, for you this Sunday! We also sing in church so please have your child to to church this Sunday for 8:45 am to warm up. Next Monday, March 11th, we have a special presentation about birds. On Tuesday the kids are making their own kites. In order to finish this project, the librarians have asked that the kids bring sticks and wrapping paper. 

February 28, 2019: We are excited to perform our skit of Miss Nelson is Missing for you at the Open House on March 10th. How fun that we get to see MLS perform the same play on a much bigger scale on March 8th. The Book It forms for March are attached to this Newsletter. Bookmobile is next Wednesday, March 6th.

February 21, 2019:Wow it looks like we will be having a full week of school and getting back into the routine. We are practicing our short play of Miss Nelson is Missing and can’t wait to perform it for you at the Open House! Please talk with your child about what he or she needs for their costume! We are looking forward to going to the MLS play on Friday, March 8th. It is the same play we will be doing for the Open House!

February 7, 2019: Please reserve March 10th on your calendars as it is our Open House. The kids will be singing in church, and we will be putting on a small play at school. The February Book It forms were sent home this week. Happy Reading!

January 24, 2019:This week we are in our second round of the Standardized testing. In Science we are studying all about energy, and in Social Studies we are learning about how Michigan became a state. Please remember to fill in the minutes read on your child’s Book It form. Special Person’s Day is coming up Friday, February 8th. They should start thinking about who they would like to bring to the classroom.

January 17, 2019: Next week we will be starting our Standardized testing again. Please make sure your child has nutritional snacks and most importantly gets to bed on time. These tests are not part of your child’s grades on their report card, but they are important to us to evaluate our curriculum. They are also important to you as parents as it shows the areas of strength and weaknesses of your child. We take these tests three times a year.

January 10, 2019 Thanks again for all the thoughtful Christmas gifts! We are having a great week. Christmas break was good for all of us! The January Book It forms were sent home last Monday. It’s hard to believe we almost half way through the school year. They have grown in so many ways. I look forward to our second half together!

December 13, 2018: We will be having our Christmas party next Thursday, December 20th. The children will be exchanging their class gifts. If you would like to bring a treat or snack for our party, please contact Julie Seymour. Next Wednesday we will be doing a fun art project with the Kindergarten kids. Have your kids keep reading for the Book It and practicing their math facts over break. May God grant you a most blessed CHRISTmas!

December 6, 2018: We are reading the novel, The Courage of Sarah Noble. In Science we made ice cream as an example of a physical change. We are also busy learning our Christmas songs for our program. The November Book It forms are due by tomorrow, December 7th. Our class Christmas party with be on Thursday, December 20th. If you would like to bring a snack for the party, please contact our room mom, Julie Seymour. 

November 29, 2018:  Please turn in the November Book It form by next Monday, December 3rd. We are starting to read the novel, The Courage of Sarah Noble. We picked names for Christmas and your child received _______________________’s name. Please keep the gift around $5.00. Thank you! 

November 15, 2018: We have been working hard on writing paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting details. This is a more difficult concept for them to learn, but they did great. They even commented that they are getting it, and it is getting easier! Love to hear that! Please remember to keep filling out the Book It form each month as your child reads.

November 8, 2018: The November Book It sheet was sent out this week. Please encourage your child to read each month and fill out the form. Thank you to the Seymours for inviting us to their machine shop. We really learned a lot about the process of making tools and had a lot of fun too. Right now we are working hard on how to write paragraphs with topic sentences supported with details. This is a very difficult concept for them. Please also work on it at home. Have them pick a topic, brainstorm ideas to support that topic, and write a paragraph-remembering to indent and use capital letters and periods at the beginning and end of our sentences. Run ons are a common problem at this level so please also work on that concept too! Happy Writing!!! If they write a paragraph at home with you, they can bring it to school for a reward! The fourth graders are starting their multiplication tables, mainly x2, x5, and x9. Please also work on these facts at home. The better they know their facts the easier their life will be in Math!

November 1, 2018:  Our first round of testing this year is complete! We will be testing three times throughout the year. The results are not part of your child’s grades, just a wonderful tool to let you know which areas your child struggles or succeeds in. Our class is going on a field trip to Bay Machining and Sales this Monday, November 5th. If you have not handed in your permission slip, please do so by tomorrow! The October Book It forms are due Monday, November 5th. The November form is attached to this note.

October 26, 2018: Hope your children are having fun starting the reading program with the Book It program. The October form is due Monday, November 5th. If all the kids participate all six months, we will be having a class pizza party at the end! Please make sure your child is dressed warmly and has boots for Harvest Festival tomorrow. We were invited to Mr. Seymour’s machine shop for a field trip on Monday, November 5th in the afternoon. We will learn about what a machine shop is and different types of machine shops. They will learn the entire process, starting from creating an estimate to creating the final product. The fun part will be watching the machine make parts! More information will be coming next week.

October 18, 2018: Please see the attached note about our field trip to Dow Gardens and the Whiting Forest and the Book It Program. We just received our BOOK It information. This program allows for the children to earn free pizza by reading each month. If they read all six months, the class is awarded a pizza party and can enter to win a college scholarship! Starting the week of October 22nd, have your child read at least 15 minutes four times a week. Please initial each square on the calendar they have read their 15 minutes. A new calendar will be sent out each month. They may read a novel, their Bibles (always important to get them into the Word on their own!), or reading homework. Thanks so much for your help!

October 4, 2018: Please mark your calendar for our field trip to Dow Gardens and Whiting Forest on Thursday, October 25th. More information will be coming! This week the kids and I enjoyed having an MLS student, Megan Alcorn, in our classroom as part of the Taste of Ministry program of encouraging kids to serve their Lord as either a teacher or pastor. Please check your child’s grades on Teacherease, as we are halfway done with the first quarter already!

Sept 27, 2018: The kids are having a hard time not losing their memory worksheet. Please remind them to always put their memory work and all homework back in their folder at the end of each night. We are working hard on teaching them organizational skills! Thanks for your help. Grades 1-4 will be heading to Dow Gardens and Whiting Forest ​on Thursday, October 25th​ in the morning. Please mark your calendar. More information will be coming!

Sept 20, 2018: We are getting to know each other and how our routine works! If your child is coming home with more than 30-40 minutes of homework, please let me know. If your child gets an A on their pretest spelling test on Wednesday, they do not have to take the final test on Friday. 

Sept 13, 2018: We are studying the births of John the Baptist and Jesus in Christlight. In Social Studies we will be studying all about our beautiful state of MI! In science we are studying about earth and space. Next Wednesday we will be starting French class! Please make sure you initial your child’s planner after all the work is completed and placed back into the folder. 

Sept 6, 2018: Welcome back, everyone! We are getting to know each other and how the routine works in our classroom. Please make sure you send a snack or two each day with your child. They should also have an old pair of tennis shoes to wear outside in case the ground is wet or muddy. Spelling pretests are on Wednesdays. If the students gets all the words correct, they do not have to take the test that Friday! Each student was assigned a planner which you should initial each night. If an assignment is finished, it will be crossed out. You may leave notes for me to see the next morning and look for special notes from me! I look forward to a great year with your children!