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Bible Class Schedule
  • Beginning May 28, the Sunday Morning Bible class will begin at 10:15 am (after the 9:00 am service).  
  • Sunday School for children is held at 10:15 a.m in the church basement for ages preschool through 8th grade (September thru May)
  • Monday 5:45 pm.  We are working our way through the Old Testament
  • Wednesday 10:00 am  We repeat the Monday 5:45 pm class
  • Bible study aslo takes place at the beginning of each Elders' meeting and
We have plenty of room for you and your family.  Come grow in the word with us!

365 Bible Study– average attendance 35-40 people If you are interested in a plan for reading through your Bible in 365 days please see Pastor Seafert. If you have questions on what you read you may address those questions to Pastor Seafert in Sunday morning Bible class. He will reserve up to 1/2 of the class period to discuss questions on the reading .

Divine Call: On Sunday April 8 the voters extended a divine call to Mrs. Bethany Hilgendorf to teach the Kindergarten class of the 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Hilgendorf currently lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as she deliberates this call. 

Vision and Hearing screening The Health Department will be doing a free vision and hearing screening at our preschool on Monday, May 7th, starting at 10:00am. If your child needs to be tested, you are welcome to bring him or her to this screening. If you have questions, please call the school at 989-684-6751. 

Robots - Thank you so much for your support and gifts as we have reached the goal of $5000.00 to replace the larger robot kits. The goal for next year is replace the robots that the younger children use so if you want to give a gift toward that please speak to a school board member or a faculty member.Church council meeting.

SCRIP: We will be placing a SCRIP order Tuesday (Morning), May 1st if you would like to order gift cards please email Jodie Kregel with your order at or call 989-992-5756. We also keep an inventory of gift cards available to purchase such as: (Best Buy, Speedway, Meijer, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon, Subway, Burger King, GFS, Home Depot, Menards, Old Navy, Applebee’s, Uno’s, Wendy’s, Goodrich Theaters, Chuck E. Cheese, Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Advance Auto, Sally’s Beauty Supply and many more). 

School Hot Lunch Program  The School Board has found a new service that is willing to work with us to provide hot lunches for the kids at our school.  The school board will be hosting a trial run of this program April 9-30th.  We must pay for 30 lunches a day to participate in this program.  To give this new program a fair trial we are asking the families to participate at a cost of $3.00  a meal which includes milk.  More information will be coming to the school families.  We will also need volunteers to serve the hot lunches during this trial period.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Mike Burke the school board chairman or our principal Mark Boileau.  The program is also in need of some seed money.  If you are willing to provide some monetary support for the program please speak with Mike Burke.

Parsonage Repairs It has come to the attention of the trustees that the parsonage is in need of some major repairs. In order to help defer the cost to the budget, the trustees are looking for donations. One member has offered to match up to $5,000 in funds to help repair the parsonage. If you would like to donate please talk to Kim Gregory or Ron McNally. It has been noted in the past that this type of fund raising works well with a designated time frame.  That being said, the offer of matching funds will be from now until 
June 4th.  Every dollar will help with this project, your support will be greatly appreciated.  Some of the repairs will address the heating efficiency of the house which will reduce heating and cooling costs.

Courageous Fathers of the Bible is the title of a new Bible class for men that will begin meeting sometime after Easter.  It has been suggested that we meet on Sunday evenings.  Currently we are looking at meeting on the second Sunday evening of the month for Bible study that will be followed with fellowship time snacks, cards, etc....  Please speak with Pastor Seafert and let him know if that one Sunday evening a month will work for you.

Security Measures Over the last month members of the congregation have attended a number of different security conferences. One new measure we will be adding is the locking of the west door (the one facing the freeway) during worship. If you or someone you know comes late to worship, please use the north (facing Pastor’s house) 

WELS International Youth Rally is being held in Bowling Green, Ohio this summer on June 26-29.  All teenagers who have been confirmed and completed 8th grade through seniors in high school who will have just graduated are invited to attend.  There is a poster and a booklet of information on the bulletin at the bottom of the stairs leading into the basement.  Registration is currently open and will remain open through May 31.  The early Bird registration rate is only good through April 30.  This is a great opportunity for our teens to be part of an amazing week that is built around the Word of God.  We do have the ability to help with some of the financial obligation through our youth group fund.  Please speak with Pastor Seafert if you have any questions or if you are interested in some financial aid in order to attend.

At the rally:
-Meet WELS teens from across the country
-Listen to speakers with a biblical perspective on teen issues and topics
-Gather information on colleges, ministries and service opportunities
-Experience worship with 2000 or more people

WELS.Net/2018youthrally for more information

Sunday Bible class—  Pastor Seafert is currently setting aside up to the first half of each Sunday morning class to discuss “The Bible in 365 days” readings for the week.  You may ask questions about anything you read.  The second half of the class period continues the review of the Small Catechism.  We are currently reviewing the 7th commandment.  Everyone is welcome—whether you read this week or not.  Come and enjoy the discussion of God’s Word. 
Tunes and Twirls Program which takes place on Tuesdays in the preschool room will be postponed for the remainder of the school year.  The program will resume again in the fall.

Monday/ Wednesday Bible Class–  Monday at 5:45pm and Wednesday at 10am.

What's the Forward in Christ all about? It's the official magazine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Printed monthly, this magazine addresses important issues facing Christians today. One of the featured articles in the current January issue is entitled "What is Truth?" The author explains how many people today are not searching the Scriptures to find the truths they need to know. Instead they are looking to themselves or to other places to find their version of "truth." Another article talks about parent conversations and whether they should encourage their children to make resolutions for 2018. An interesting article in the December issue talks about why Christian parents lie to their children about Santa and other mythical figures! If you would like to subscribe to one year/12 issues for $11.50, we ask that you sign up on the information center. The subscriptions will be “bundled” together and will be mailed to church. This special offer saves you 36% from an individual subscription of $17.99. You may also consider gifting a subscription to someone in church as a gesture of appreciation or simply give a donation towards a subscription which pastor currently uses in his prison ministry. The Outreach group is sponsoring this offer only through the month of January. Payment can be made in cash or check made out to: "St Bartholomew Outreach." When you sign up please be sure to mark PAID when making payment. May God bless you as you consider this wonderful opportunity being offered by the Outreach Group. 

SCRIP ORDER  A list of retailers that participate in the program is available on the information desk, on the bulletin board downstairs at church and also at school on the bulletin board by the entrance. Gift cards are available every Sunday during coffee hour and before or after school during the week .If you would like to place an order or purchase gift cards please contact Jodie Kregel at 989-992-5756. 

The PTO is selling Smart Cards
Which contain coupons and discounts for area restaurants and businesses.  They can be purchased at school or on Sundays after the church service in the basement. The cost is $20.00 per card.  You may pay by cash or by check.  Please make check payable to St. Bartholomew PTO.  There are brochures on the information desk that lists all the discounts and coupons available with the purchase of a Smart Card, please feel free to take one.  Thank you for your support.

The PTO will also be selling Subway Cards
The cards will sell for $10.00 each with coupons for buy a sub get a sub free with a drink purchase and also buy a platter get a platter 50% off.  The cards may be used at any Subway location not just the businesses listed on the back of the card and they never expire!  Look to purchase the cards within
the next week or two; they will be available during coffee hour.

Sunday School
We welcome all ages from PreK through 8th graders today and every Sunday from 10:15-11:15 am in the church basement.  If you wish to enroll your children in Sunday School, please contact Jim Schwab.

We are looking for teachers to help out with grades pre-k and grades 1-4.  If you, or someone you know are interested in helping with teaching any of these grades or would like to help out by planning some activities for children of these ages, we could sure use your help.  If you can only teach once or twice a month, we would be willing to work with your schedule.  if you are interested, plesae contact Jim Schwab or one of the pastors.

Sunday Worship Schedule:
We will not be going back to our usual 8am & 10am worship after Labor Day, but will continue our 9am worship schedule through the year. We will offer coffee hour after worship, and following that we will have our Sunday School, Confirmation,
Youth Group, and Adult Bible Classes. They will start around 10:15.

Mid-Week Worship Schedule:
We will no longer be offering a 3:30 & 7pm worship service during Advent and Lent, but will go to one service at 6:30pm.

New Facebook Page:
A new Facebook page has been created. Please go to the link below and follow us on Facebook! 

Website Information
Pattie Kruse and Marla Gary have taken over the administration of the website for the ministry of our congregation.  If you have items that need to be posted on the website, please email them using the new email.

Work has begun on the new financial plan for the ministry of our congregation.  We formerly referred to this as a budget.  Going forward we will be referring to it as a ministry financial plan which puts the emphasis on ministry and what God has called us to accomplish with his Word.  Once we determine as a congregation what the Lord has called us to do and the various forms that ministry takes on, we will develop a financial plan to support that ministry and its programs.  If you have any special concerns that you would like the MFP committee to consider as forms of ministry to be funded, please contact one of the pastors or the church president - Kim Gregory. 

Bible Information Class
For those who would like more information about what the Bible teaches, we offer a Bible Information Class (BIC).  This class covers the basic teachings of God's Word.  Upon completion of this class a person is eligible for communicant membership if they agree with what has been taught.  Please speak to one of the pastors if you are interested in taking a class like this.    
Looking for Computer Players
Soon we will be introducing regular use of the TV monitors before, during and after worship services.  We are looking for those who would be willing to help run the computer during worship.  The only qualifications are that you are able to follow a worship service, and press a button.  If you are interested, please talk to Pastor Lindke. 

Public School Catechism Class
It is that time of the year, where we begin to think about our confirmation classes starting up again.  With the new worship schedule, we will be holding class at 10:15-11:45 a.m on Sunday mornings after worship.  Over the last few years we have changed our class from a 2 year program to a 3 year program so we have more time to teach the basic truths of God's Word and the basic stories of the Bible.  If your child is going into the 6th grade, or you know of someone who will be who does not go to our school, please contact either pastor so we can add you to our class.  

This course is meant to take the students into a deeper understanding of the Christian faith by using Bible History accounts to help them understand how God's Word applies to their daily lives.  This is a three year course because it meets once a week.  In that one class each week, we must teach the Bible History lesson so that we can teach the catechetical truths that the story helps us to understand and relate to.  At one time the pastors could expect the students to know this basic Bible history because the students were learning it in Sunday School.  Since many families no longer utilize the Sunday School, the pastors need to teach the Bible history and the Catechism.  It takes us three years to cover the material once.  The students in our LES study these Bible history lessons daily for 9 years and receive 4 years of Catechism instruction.  In order to be confirmed, an individual must possess a basic knowledge of God's Word and have been instructed in the key doctrines expounded upon in the Catechism.  Confirmation is intended to begin a lifelong study of God's Word, it is by no means a graduation from God's Word.  Parents, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have your students in Sunday School each week in order to prepare them for Catechism class.  

Holy Cross Vacancy
Holy Cross has decided that it will hold its worship services at 12 noon on Sundays during the vacancy.  A 45 minute adult Bible class will be offered following the service.  This means that Pastor Seafert will be leaving St. Bartholomew immediately following our worship services on Sundays to drive up to Holy Cross to serve them with the Word of God.  He will also be offering a Bible class on Thursday mornings at Holy Cross during the vacancy.  

Choir Practices
Choir rehearsals for all interested people are on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the church from September through May.  Bring your folder and a few friends.  We welcome all who like to sing. 

Electronic Giving
We now have the opportunity to give to the congregation through either an automatic withdrawal or you can do it manually each time.  If you don't have a computer and you still want to use this service, please fill out a form found on the information center.  If you have any questions, please talk to Pastor Lindke or Kim Gregory.

St. Bartholomew Decal
Your Outreach Group now has a way for you to get the word out about your church and school.  They have created a decal to put on your car, truck, boat, tackle box, tool box, front or back door to your home -- the only limit is your imagination!  They are available on the information center.  Suggested donation is $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00.  Please consider this silent Outreach tool and may God bless you in your efforts.  Display it proudly!

Communion Registry
The elders would like to remind the congregation members to please sign the communion registry located on the old altar.  This helps us greatly to keep track of our members.

Friendship Registers
It would be a great help and save a lot of paper if every page of the Friendship Registers in the pews was used up before flipping to a new page.  Please write the new date off in the left-hand margin of the paper beside a new line and continue on the same page until it is full.  Also, thank you to everyone who is writing their phone number or e-mail address in the column on the right.  It is a great example to help our visitors see what information is needed.

Wedding Plans??
If you are planning to get married at St. Bartholomew in the near future, please speak with one of the pastors so that we can begin pre-marriage counseling with you.  There will be a series of at least four meetings with the pastor that must be completed before the wedding takes place.  Working ahead with us also allow us to get your date on the calendar so that the church is reserved.  

Memorial Reminder
If you have given or would like to give a memorial offering and would like to direct for what it will be used, we ask that you please contact Howard Rahn at 989-684-5932.

Where do I find out about…
Forgot what day the meeting was going to be held?  Can’t find your bulletin from Sunday?  Want to hear a Bible class or sermon again?  All of these things can be found on our website –  Our website has a church and school calendar, announcements, News and Views for a whole year, sermons and Bible classes, athletic schedule, school handbook, the school newsletter, a listing of current officers, and many other things.  Check out the website and see what it offers. 

EHV For Sale
On the Information Center is a copy of the EHV Bible, the Psalms and the New Testament. If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, please sign up on the sheet. The cost will be $15 per copy.  

Kroger Community Rewards Program
If you have a Kroger Plus card and would like to register St. Bartholomew for the reward program, our school code is 84567.  You can register online.  A percentage of your purchases comes back to our school.

Time for Silent Meditation
The request has been made that each of us would be respectful of those who have entered church early so that they might spend time in mediation and prayer before the service begins.  In an attempt to assist with this, the elders will be closing the doors into the sanctuary ten minutes before the service begins so that the conversations in the narthex do not disturb those who have already seated themselves and are preparing for worship and the reception of the Lord's Supper. 

Bay County Bookmobile
The Bay County Bookmobile will be visiting our school on a regular basis this year.
The bookmobile is open to all people in the community, so parents, you are welcome to come as well.  A schedule is available by clicking here.

For the Hearing and Vision Impaired
For those with vision problems, we have large print hymnals and service folders.  For those with hearing problems, we also have assistive listening devices.  Should you need either or both, please speak to one of the elders who are stationed at the doors entering the church.  Or, if the service has already begun, the elders will be seated in the last pew on each side of the aisle.

For Parents with Small Children
It has been requested that parents with small children please make use of the nursery in the back of church if their child is being disruptive.  The nursery is located by the bathrooms, just past the women's bathroom. The back pews have been reserved for families who have small children and those who are unable to sit in the front. 

If you are or a member of your family is hospitalized or moved into a nursing facility, please take the time to inform the pastors so that we can pray for you and so that we know where to visit you.  The hospitals do not always call to inform us.  If you are hospitalized after 12:00 pm on Friday, the hospital will not call until Monday morning.  If you want us to visit, you or a family member needs to inform us that you have been hospitalized.  Thank you for helping us with this important information.  

Pastor Seafert and Pastor Lindke will be working together to cover any funerals that may be requested.  The pastor who is not scheduled to preach on the upcoming Sunday will be handling the funeral unless the family requests one of the pastors specifically to serve the family.